Client and Site Management

Maintain a 360º view across your clients and associated sites to quickly access key information

Centralise and easily manage your key customer information

Fieldmagic supports both customers and sites, where a customer may have multiple site locations where jobs and maintenance are carried out, or, in some cases, just a single location.

This provides structure and allows for ease of reporting when it comes to delivering compliance reports for site-related jobs and assets.

CRM Tools for Sales Quoting & Activities Management

Fieldmagic allows you to keep a track of all your site-related opportunities, documents and phone call history by allowing you to store this information here for easy reference.

This provides the following benefits:

No need for additional storage!

Define Recurring Invoices for Site Maintenance

Recurring invoices are invoices that are created to bill your customers on a regular interval.

Having flexibility when setting up your recurring invoice schedules is important, which is why if Fieldmagic we’ve built in great flexibility.

With our recurring invoice management you can:

Easily Manage your Site Maintenance Schedules

Our site maintenance management tools provide flexible scheduling settings which allow you to be flexible when meeting your compliance obligations:

Utilise Maintenance Auto-Scheduling

Save dozens of hours each month!

Our auto-scheduling capability further reduces your administrative effort in managing recurring site maintenance. We do this by allowing your office administrators to define a set day and week for the preventative maintenance to be carried out at that site, which feeds into our maintenance wizard and scheduling system.

Fieldmagic will also allow you to set each default technician for the various specific types of maintenance carried out.

The following benefits are realised: