Job Scheduling Software for Maintenance

Flexible maintenance scheduling and auto-allocation of jobs to technicians that saves hours of administrative time and effort

Designed to significantly reduce scheduling effort

Fieldmagic offers a complete platform to manage your maintenance with a streamlined workflow from sales to administration to job completion. Once a client comes on board, it’s important that you’re able to execute on your agreed maintenance schedule in an efficient manner that drives savings within your business, and provides an exceptional experience for your customer.

Fieldmagic is designed to empower you to do just that.

Flexibility to Define Maintenance Schedules

The scheduling platform allows you to have multiple schedules for multiple disciplines within any given site, and the system will prompt your office users when any of that scheduled maintenance is due for deployment within our scheduling wizard. The scheduling wizard will:

Once a job is created from the maintenance wizard, the job feeds through a pool of jobs awaiting to be scheduled to your technicians. Once scheduled, jobs will be sent to your techs to view i their devices.

Time Saving Auto-Scheduling

Our auto-scheduling capability further reduces your administrative effort in managing recurring site maintenance. We do this by allowing your office administrators to define a set day and week for the preventative maintenance to be carried out at that site, which feeds into our maintenance wizard and scheduling system.

Fieldmagic will also allow you to set each default technician for the various specific types of maintenance carried out.

The following benefits are realised:

Carrying Out Site Maintenance

Auto-attachment of related standards checklists and asset lists

During the job completion phase, the technician can be prompted for a guided maintenance process using the standards checklists, which guide the technician on each step required to be completed for that job (often guided by the legal safety standards associated with that piece of equipment).

If any faults are found, these are logged against the asset, and a quote can be created for any remedial works to be completed, which of course feeds directly into the invoicing process.