Quoting for Field Service

Build polished PDF quotes with templated cover letters and attachable data sheets to impress your customers

Easily build structure and detail into your quotations and win more business!

Building well-laid out quotations that clearly convey your services and ability to achieve a solution for a customer is often the difference between winning a contract or being overlooked.

Fieldmagic Configure Price Quote (CPQ) allows you to lay out your products and services in a structured, professional format, with tools to ensure your company’s services are clearly highlighted.

Drag-and-drop quote groups

With easy to use grouping headers, you can quickly build out well-grouped quotes to clearly break-up your quote for easier reading. Drag-and-drop your various line-items and groups to further define your quote.

Save quotes as templates for re-use

Built out the perfect quotation that has all the right groupings, and descriptions? Simply save this as a template for re-use later to save time and ensure you retain that winning formula.

Include a professional cover letter

For a more professional quotation use our cover letters tool to build out a text-formatted letter which explains your proposed service offering, products and approach.

Using the same cover letter for more than one quote? Store this as a template and turn make your quoting game pro! Your customers will appreciate your well-explained offerings, that took you only seconds to include.

Further enhance your quotes with product data sheets

Product data sheets can help you provide more information and increase your chances of winning new business.

Fieldmagic Product Data Sheets allows you to attach a pdf files against products in your product catalogue. This can be company profile, specs and features of the products or anything that will help you with your quotes.

When the product with data sheet is added in a quote, you will have an option to include the data sheet of the product when you email or download the quote.

Attach Additional Documents to Quotes

Quickly drag-and-drop to upload additional documents to your quotes, or select from a library of your stored documents in Fieldmagic.