Email Integration for Field Service

Native Email Integration for Office 365 and Gmail

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Native Email Integration for Office 365 and Gmail

Fieldmagic provides native email integration and archiving with both Office 365 and Gmail so you have all your key email communication history where it matters most.

Email Archiving That’s Simple and Easy to Use

We’ve designed our integration to ‘just work’.

Email Communication Visibility Where it Matters Most

In Fieldmagic, you can send an email from a Job, Site or against an Opportunity and have this automatically visible against the Customer as well for visibility.

Here are a few ways we make email storage easy:

Field Service Use Cases

Consider this scenario:

If you simply send the original request for a quote to your supplier from the opportunity, any replies to that email along with any associated quotes included on that email are automatically captured against the opportunity with no additional effort from your users. It’s seamless.